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Precision Redefined: Soing Photonics’ 3D Galvo Head Transforms Engraving Processes

Soing Photonics, a renowned manufacturer in the laser industry, introduces their cutting-edge 3D galvo head, designed to deliver exceptional precision engraving. With its advanced technology and innovative features, this galvo head is revolutionizing the engraving process, offering unmatched capabilities for various industries.

The 3D galvo head from Soing Photonics enables precision engraving on 3D, planar, inclined, and curved surfaces. This versatility allows industries such as jewelry, medical devices, and personalized gifts to achieve intricate and detailed engravings on a wide range of materials.

Unmatched Performance and Optimal Efficiency

The focus range of the 3D galvo head in the Z-direction is more than +/-100mm in a 300mm x 300mm field, surpassing industry standards. This extended focus range offers greater flexibility, allowing for engraving on surfaces with varying depths and curvatures.

The special design of the Z-axis in the galvo head enables the smallest size of the focal spot, resulting in precise and sharp engravings. Additionally, the galvo head is compatible with 2D software for efficient and accurate plane marking, further enhancing its performance and efficiency.


Soing Photonics’ 3D galvo head empowers industries with unparalleled precision engraving capabilities. Its versatility, extended focus range, and compatibility with 2D software make it an ideal choice for industries that require detailed and accurate engravings. With its exceptional performance and efficiency, the SOING 3D galvo head is setting new benchmarks in precision engraving.

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