What is the best way to sell personalized registrations?

Numerous drivers are concerned about their number plates. Selling your registration could make you a lot more money and allow you to give your loved reg to someone who is willing to pay. We’ll also post it on our website to find the best price.

Selling your registration can be difficult. We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to return my number plate at the DVLA?

Your number plate cannot be sold by the DVLA. They cannot sell your number plate.

Can I give my unique regs on to someone else?

You can lend your private number plate to another person. Car registration services will help you select from a variety of loved numbers plates, provided that the registration is accurate.

Can I get my number plate back?

A dateless/name registry may be available for sale. We can purchase many personalized number plates including:

Remember that the DVLA will not buy registered vehicles that have been assigned. There are two ways to sell your number plate privately. You can either find a client, or hire the services of a dealer in vehicle registrations.

You can market and sell your number plate in a more personal manner than companies like ThredUP or Carousell. If you’re buying a personal plate for someone else,

Name/data registrations can be sold.

Number plates currently used

Style number plates differ from Prefix style.

Style number plates with a suffix

Number plates are available for any date.

Vehicles registered in Northern Ireland have unique registration numbers.

Based upon the type and price, we will provide a range for prices. Your number plate will be posted online to get the best price.

Can I get my old reg back

Your old registration number will transfer to you car after you have removed your private registration.

Where is the best place to sell?

Selling important number plates is best done by a reputable auto registration company. Our website is accessed hundreds of times per hour by National Numbers Registers. This will enable you to quickly and efficiently sell your plate.

Our team can help you sell your private number plate faster and for a higher price. We take care of the tedious work so you don’t have to.

National Numbers makes selling your number plates easy. If you’re looking to sell or exchange your personal number plate, National Numbers may be able to help.

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