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SANVO Hardware Lubricants Seals & Adhesives: What You Need To Know

SANVO is a leading manufacturer of hardware lubricants, sealants & adhesives. Their adhesives and sealants are used extensively in the automotive, building, furniture, marine, transportation, and other industries. They are designed to function quickly. Gaskets and sealants harden and create secure connections on most surfaces at room temperature.

Uses for SANVO Hardware Lubricants

SANVO Hardware Lubricants are used in various industries to seal and adhere metal parts together. They can be used on mechanical and electrical components, making them an ideal choice for various applications.

Some common uses for SANVO Hardware Lubricants include:

-Sealing bearings and rotors in machinery

-Adhering gears to shafts

-Lubricating moving parts in aircraft and automobiles

-Preventing wear on metal surfaces during manufacturing

Product Attributes

Withstand intense UV rays to deliver reliable performance in any environment.

To preserve high aesthetic standards, blend seamlessly with most surfaces.

Adhesion to various building surfaces.

Increase tolerances and eliminate surface irregularities.

Long-term use is possible due to its resistance to moisture and temperature.

SANVO: A Reliable Manufacturer Worth Collaborating with

SANVO offers aerosols and sealants with an eco-friendly formula tailored to your industry’s needs to assure safety and long-term dependability.

Fast, high-quality production is a SANVO priority to meet production goals for huge numbers. They produce adhesives and sealants carefully using 18 bottling machines and 4 automatic twin-screw lines. The company ensures the paint film has outstanding adhesive performance and integrates well with most surfaces through adhesion testing and other quality control techniques.

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