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Seekink: The Top Maker of E-Ink Displays

Seekink is a well-known epaper display manufacturer that makes e-ink displays and has been giving businesses new ways to use displays. However, let’s talk about what an e-ink display is first before talking about the benefits of Seekink e-ink display maker and its goods and services.

What is an E-ink display, and why does your company need one

An e-ink device is a kind of electronic paper that makes pictures with black and white bits. The bits are mixed with a liquid that is put between two sheets of plastic film. The particles move to the top layer when a charge is introduced, making the picture. One of the best things about an e-ink monitor is that it uses less power. E-ink displays, unlike regular LCD screens, don’t need to be plugged in all the time to keep a picture on them.

Why Seekink E-Ink Displays Are Good for Your Business

After knowing what an e-ink display is, let’s talk about why Seekink e-ink screens are good for companies. Seekink’s e-ink screens have high contrast ratios, which means you can see them even in direct sunlight. This makes them perfect for advertising outside or putting up at the point of sale.


Seekink is a renowned e-paper display company, which are electronic paper that creates black and white pictures with a liquid between two plastic film sheets. These displays use less power and don’t require constant plugged-in power. Seekink’s e-ink screens have high contrast ratios, making them ideal for outdoor advertising or display at the point of sale. They are particularly beneficial for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies.

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