The Secret to Always Winning Online Cockfighting from Experts

In any game there are winners and losers. Online cockfighting is no exception, so today many people are looking for ways to play unbeaten bets with this model.

So what are the secrets to online cockfighting? In this article, bookmaker New88today will summarize strategies for playing online cockfighting that always win from experts. Let’s read it!

Choose a reputable online cockfighting bookmaker

Not onlyonline cockfighting But any online prize exchange game needs to be played at a reputable house. Because a reputable house will ensure legal issues, no fraud, and legal organization.

Furthermore, these playgrounds also have competitive betting rates, are fair in transactions, and pay rewards when winning.

When choosing a reputable online cockfighting bookmaker, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The house has been operating for many years and has received many good reviews from players.
  • Links to famous Cambodian cockfighting rings like Thomo or SV128 must be mentionedbrave legalization.
  • Sharp battle images, realistic sound.
  • Diverse and quick transaction methods.

If you don’t know where to play online cockfighting,  New88 is a suggestion to consider. The playground that meets the above criteria has not only been operating for a long time and received many good reviews, but  New88 is also directly managed by the government.Curarao. The playground operates with a licenseAntillephone No. 8048/JAZ.

Not stopping there, the house also broadcasts live matches in Full HD quality with realistic sound. In particular, deposit and withdrawal transactions here are quite diverse in forms such as code scanning, banking, scratch cards, Zalopay… All take place simply in just 3 – 5 minutes.

Understand the rules of the game

Understanding the rules of the game is an important factor to help you increase your odds of winning. You should not bet on a whim, take the time to study the rules and regulations of online cockfighting.

Understanding how it works and the rules of the game will help cockers avoid unnecessary risks. Through that, you will even increase your chances of winning and taking home money!

Learn about online cockfighting odds during the match

In addition, when participating in betting on online cockfighting matches, you also need to clearly understand the bets. This makes it easier for the gamer to make more accurate judgments.

Currently there are 3 popular types of cockfighting bets:

Bet Detail
THERE IS The bookie’s cock bet wins.
nothing Guest’s cock bet wins.
B D Bet on both sides drawing.

Choose the appropriate form of cockfighting

Not only the betting but also the form of online cockfighting is also quite important. To win this game, you need to choose the form you understand best.

Currently there are many different forms of cockfighting such as:

  • American cockfighting: The matches have many dangerous and eye-catching kicks.
  • Knife cockfighting: Although new, this form attracts many chickens because it brings new and dramatic emotions. Fighting cocks can defeat opponents with just a few kicks.
  • Cockfighting: Originating from Thailand, Cambodia… so this game is very hot in Asia.
  • Peruvian cockfighting: Standard moves often appear to help viewers satisfy their eyes. Furthermore, this form also has a very large winning rate, so it attracts many participants.

Follow the performance table of the cocks before making money

Besides, it is also very important to monitor the competition history and performance table of the cocks before making money.

Usually fighting cocks with a continuous winning record will perform better than new fighting cocks. That means you should prioritize betting money on this type of chicken.

However, the leaderboard is only meaningful to the chickens who take the beating. Spur cocks are often less likely to survive after consecutive competitions, so they do not have a record.
See : Đà Gà New88

Bet based on the color of the cock

The destiny color of the cock is also the secret to playing online cockfighting that many experts apply. This method is directly related to feng shui. People often arrange fighting chickens according to the destiny of the five elements such as:

Fate Fighting cock
Kim Chickens have metallic yellow and white feathers.
Moc Chickens have gray feathers or blue/gray legs.
Water Chickens have feathers that are mainly blue, black or blue.
Fire Chickens have orange, red, purple or pink feathers.
Earth Fighting chickens have brown feathers.

Once you have distinguished the color of the cock’s life, bettors should consider whether the fighting day is a good or bad day for the cock’s life. If it is a good day, the advantage of winning will be in favor of the chicken that matches the color of the network. On the contrary, fighting cocks will lose effort and easily lose on bad days.

This secret related to feng shui is quite complicated, so you need to learn carefully if applying it.

Choose the appropriate time to deposit money

Grasping the right opportunity to make money is a decisive factor in success when playing online cockfighting. You should not rush to put down money based on the majority. Instead, you should observe the cock before placing a bet.

Sometimes a bet that is popular with many people does not mean it will win. Because in reality, there are still cases where bets that are highly appreciated by the bookie lose miserably, leaving players bewildered.


Above are some tips to always win when playing online cockfighting New88 compiled from veteran experts. I hope that what I just shared will help you become masters of online cockfighting. Good luck and have the win of a lifetime.

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