Physical Therapy for Auto Accident Injury

For people who have been in an accident, physical therapy may be recommended. PT Link Physical Therapy works with many clients who have been involved in an auto accident and require treatment for pain, stiffness, or poor range of motion. We are conveniently located in central Michigan to serve all your physical therapy needs, including physical therapy in Bowling Green. Fairborn, Toledo and Lambertville, MI.

Assessment of Your Auto Accident Injuries

You will receive the best care possible if you work with a skilled and experienced physical therapist or physiotherapist. The Graceville Physio will conduct a thorough evaluation and ask you questions about your symptoms to determine the best treatment. Your physiotherapy goals will be determined by a detailed medical history.

Physical Therapy in Bowling Green

In the beginning, your physical therapy in Fairborn and surrounding areas will be scheduled multiple times per week. It is progressive and most effective if you attend your appointments every week. A physical therapist will help you with range of motion, strengthening exercises, as well as stretching that you can do at your own home. The treatment could include ultrasound, massage, cold or hot therapy, soft tissue mobilization and education about a home exercise program.

Complementary Therapies and Physical Therapy

You can see many different providers when you go to physical therapy following an auto accident. You can use physical therapy as a complement to your injury treatment or as a sole therapy. Massage is a great therapy for soft tissue injuries, tight muscles, and soreness. While a physical therapist doesn’t prescribe medication, your primary physician can provide medication as necessary for your injuries.

What to Expect during Physical Therapy

You can expect to receive the treatment you need to heal your body from a physical therapist if you have back pain, neck pain or mobility issues. It is not a bad idea to get physical therapy. You should take care of any exercises that you’re taught at home. If you feel the exercise is too painful, please stop it and inform your physical therapist. You will be able to work with the physical therapist when you visit our office for treatment. You will see the physical therapist less often as you recover from your injuries.

PT Link Physical Therapy is here to help you with your auto accident injuries. We offer compassionate, high-quality care. We are conveniently located in Dearborn and Fairborn so that you can easily access physical therapy. We are available at [Direct] to discuss your options for healing from an auto accident injury.

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