What is an S Shape Cavitation Machine?

The S-shape ultrasonic cavitation device is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive, non-surgical cavitation machine. It uses 30kHz high frequency to vibrate fat cells at high speeds, decompose them into free fatty acids, and then.

The S shape cavitation machine treatment is very effective at removing unwanted fat. This machine also comes with a body-vacuum radio frequency, which combines radio frequency and negative pressure on one handle. The vacuum maintains suction and releases, the radiofrequency stimulates active cells to promote collagen and is suitable for body mass drainage and body massage.

Why are ultrasonic cavitation machines so popular?

People work longer hours and are less likely to exercise, which leads to them becoming more fat. Extreme fat loss can be achieved through liposuction or extreme diet, but this can have adverse effects. Ultrasonic cavitation machines that use RF negative pressure and ultrasonic cavitation can effectively remove fat painlessly.

This ultrasonic cavitation machine is equipped with both RF and vacuum and can deliver optimal results in body shaping and facelifting. A combination handle design allows salon owners to solve multiple problems with one machine. You will get great results with fat burners, body massaging, blood circulation, wrinkle reduction, and V-shaped faces.

What’s an ultrasonic cavitation device?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive and painless device that gives you a toned, carved body.

Ultrasound treatment significantly reduced abdominal weight, according to an article published in the International Open Access Journal of The American Society of Plastic Surgery. It examines the histological as well as ultrastructural effects of ultrasound-induced cavities upon human subcutaneous fat tissue.

This article confirms that non-invasive, percutaneous ultrasonic cavitation (NiPUC) is a safe and promising technique for local fat loss and has specific effects upon adipocytes. This article provides experimental evidence for the mechanism.

What mechanical treatment is used to treat the ultrasonic cavity.

Ultrasonic cavitation machine treatment can be used to reduce cellulite in areas that cannot be treated by diet or exercise. Ultrasonic fat cavitation slimming devices can effectively remove this cellulite, despite it being cellulite.

The time it takes to treat cavities mechanically at radio frequencies is between 15 and 45 minutes. You can perform the same cavity treatment at your home for about 15 minutes. However, for best results we recommend you combine cavity RF vacuum treatment. You can lose weight quickly with fast results. Here are the details for our recommended cavitation treatment for weight loss.

Ultrasonic Cavity Vacuum (RF)

The first course of treatment is recommended

8 sessions Cavity + RF + vacuum

Product requirements: High-Frequency Cavity Gel

The treatment interval is 3 days

A second course of treatment

4 sessions Cavity + RF + Vacuum

Product requirements: High-Frequency Cavity Gel

The treatment interval is 1 week

Third course of treatment

Cavity + RF + vacuum: 2 sessions

Product requirements: High-Frequency Cavity Gel

The treatment interval is 2 weeks

Ultrasonic cavity machines

Cavitation and Radio Frequency: 10-15 minutes

Suction and RF: 15 minutes

What is an S-shape Cavitation Machine?

The lymphatic system absorbs and transforms fat cells into waste products. The contouring machine can be used to shape the body on the neck, upper arms and abdomen.

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What are some of the benefits of S-shaped cavity machines

Ultrasonic cavities are able to reduce body fat. Exercise alone can make this difficult. This ultrasonic cavitation procedure can’t be used as a weight loss solution. Ultrasonic cavities can be used to reduce cellulite and fat. This will enhance the contours and appearance of your body, as well as reduce the environmental impact.

Technical specifications:

Handle 30K cavity and RF shape:

Frequency: 30KHz

Power: 50W

Frequency of radio frequency: 5 MHz

Power: 85W


For maximum contour effect, blow up fat cells immediately for maximum results without any downtime

Lifting and tightening the skin.

Skin tightening

Vacuum and Radio Frequency Body Sculpture:

Frequency of radio frequency: 5MHz

Power: 85W

Suction vacuum: 250kPa


Noise level: 10L / min

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